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[Spoiler: it will contain bishounen.]Jake started writing the tutorial (all the credit goes to him for that, really - I am only going to provide the graphics for the game we'll make to produce the tutorial.The first part is already written, but not online yet. The intention is to make it a sort of walk-through with some general advice on how to make a VN/Dating Sim and focus on how to use the DSE.I then unzipped the contents of the DSE inside my Projects directory.Then I got back to the main Launcher page and chose "Select Project" - the DSE is already there.22 Peter- Chorus as The Older Man Pv t *» nve and Highway 34. Crawford and A C Sonnetand Dr J F Vincent, president __ alw rrtlrr and br.-«w an ““ • ^,usrs ^ «-official HH-mbcr of the board ,wnu U .! June Ann Adams products*) co- Saiuvcr Valley near here a «»perator s licerua* Aug ordmator I t«4d him that tap was going ”‘r ~ ’ to cost «5 He said that s ron,'rn » to ,h** Publlc but des It has come to the porn: whre . Manitiki police said that tickets were not issued to Larry Dvorak for allegedly parking wonderful world of abnorma. w Vn contacted Friday night "This is a trumped up story and that s a U there is to it I have nothing to say about the Dvoraks ” Members of the city council TV re is. , ril tan al Mm .111, ,, or^r Um M each event have adopted a French baby and A grand entry will V staged want to know what tv child is Refreshments will V sold at a saying when it is old enough to concession stand on tv talk grounds All profits from tv TV other way of learning is refreshments will alw go for for no reason whatever except tv Cerebral Palsy fund that you are suddenly ready The public is invited to attend This is IV way a man sud dcnly learns that his boss is speaking a foreign language It Mivs Mary Margaret Clara tan. died Thursday at at a local nursing home SV was a retired leadier who had resid rd in Colorado Springs for Ah years SV fad long tieen ill SV wrote a document on a special method of teaching Orman which is on file in tho Bu Bonner, 22 was charged with It.falsely pretended to the Pikes Peak National Bank Aped 15 that a 1962 Cadillac was in good Isaac , Judge running condition and on the charge of strength of his claim induced the hank to loan him 6li According to a sheriff's report the car was a total wreck and had been bought in Denver for Charge number two accuses * P'n defendant of larcv*ny of mort* will he re gaged property and states be ea MHl a*v, ’‘ie judge 'old th*' f(Hjr rars to the bank woman that if she is picked up again bere drunk si* will have to x'rve the balam-e «-«4 the 90 davs Kf*f/ Devils Itetiirn Freni (lh ie Malrh es ‘ Jury Finds No Fault in Death Of Skier Werner Seven Fined Friday in Quine's Court Seven traffk’ violators were fined by Jusfk’e of the Pea»-t‘ James F Quine Fr:dav Paul J Hay burn 19 2403 E St Vrain St disregarding a ship sign Sundav and costs ftarfvara Ned Butb’r. in fact, a scientific term for what we have done Boys and girls living in tv But it is m (ierman. and costs taking a group of skiers, in- t A^vne R Saner, 17 |ft4 Mo-eluding Werner and Miss Benne- hawk Dr no lights on when Vrger info tv valley to shoot visibility was less than 550 feet movie film despite avaiam V Aug 22.Web Site name: Site specification: IP Number of site is Description: Modelôme connects the fashion world to an exclusive network of professionals, a home for everyone in the modeling business who is seeking genuine industry contacts., keywords: Model community, Model agency, photographer, photographers, modelagency, jobs, model agencies, topmodel, make-up arist, stylist, actor.

and costs Philippine Army Chief to Visit mg and rural development proj eels in Kenya Peace Corps Director Sargent . ri 1W c»-' s «*“*• A (frts L-rwi "L.r^r ,n “^ny* wii th* (’th A Truly Plant Food... Sunday for a two day try in Africa to receive Peace large lump on tv Vad Fri- v*sl* ^t Carson (rps volunteers day afternoon.I had to correct the DSE script as it had an incorrect variable, you can download the corrected version (plus fixed typos! EDIT EDIT: Actually, we came up with an idea for a sort of tutorial game and we'll do that instead (I'll draw, my boyfriend will script the thing).It will take more time, especially 'cause I'm going home for the Christmas holidays, but it should be easier to understand, hopefully we won't make you wait long!Shriver an flounced Friday He said a representative from IV Peace Corps will arrive in Kenya late next month to make arrangements for 75 volunteers due to start t Vir assignments in late l Ycem Vr or early Jan For the Finest Lawns of All... Twice a yow your lawn should rtctrvt a complete fertilizer..• tight mid-summer "booster" el nitrogen. 1921 S Hancock Ave said they were taking care of a neighbor s house. Sunday Com* as you ara Communiim Offered AU Families aponsnc ed by u*e FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Conducted by the Rev. w Vn IV horse Col Hipolito will V br Yfed Thomas H E Quimby, for Ave and that one of t V win- L D 'Larry' Cavanaugh of sh^ was by Maj CYn Autrey J Maroun.Fan Is the best time to start and astate Bsh a new give an old team aaa strength and health. James Worship Before Tov lay's Ovtiag Drive-In Worship Service 8th Sf. Malcolm Mc Huf thru Cooperation of Westland TV*tree, Inc. mer Democratic national com dows had been smashed m E 4th a • Clorfnce. Sheriff s Carson and 5th Infantry Divi- mitteeman from Grand Rapids.

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    For example, most men at a club will see a woman they want to meet, walk over and offer to buy her a drink. In a relationship, dating or otherwise, your mental ability to walk away if she doesn’t treat you the way you want is your strongest tool. She will test you, and how you demonstrate your ability to walk away will either cause her to get wet and want you, or leave you.

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    So don’t treat your interactions with women like an interview. Rather than ask boring questions like “Where are you from? “You sound like you’re an Essex girl with that terrible accent of yours”. They want to be rescued from the boredom of everyday life. Pretend you’re hiding from FBI agents, and need a girl’s help to escort you to the bar unscathed.

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