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“Yet conversations are non-existent nowadays,” she said.“Girls feel guilty and repressed.” Chauhan described how pre-colonisation India had a long rich history of sexuality, sexual awareness and openness about sex. “India has a rich history of goddesses and of matriarchy and polyandry,” she continued.

He said: ‘When you remove a man from this, a woman becomes nothing but a breeding machine.“In rural areas there are less opportunities for education. However, the ultimate goal of any relationship is always marriage – it’s so entrenched in the culture.So even if a couple lives together before marriage, marriage is the goal,” she explained.Doctors said last night at least 25 straight women had given birth in the past five years despite being virgins.But campaigners for the traditional family said the ‘distorted’ move turned babies into little more than ‘teddy bears’ to be ‘picked off the shelf’.

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