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MAN: We don't want homosexuality in Uganda, full stop.

And as the anti-homosexuality campaigners stepped into the spotlight, Uganda's sexual minorities were pushed further into the shadows.

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Sources: ILGA/AFP/SBS This week, MPs in NSW passed a soil-breaking law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.And I think Uganda is providing leadership on this issue.David Bahati's bill made public spectacle out of Uganda's deep fear and hatred of homosexuality, the nation gathered around him - many to pray for his success in this campaign."Ugandan discussions" is a euphemism for sex coined during the early 1970s by the satirical British magazine "Private Eye".The basis of the term arose at a party in London hosted by Neal Ascherson at which Irish moralist and journalist Mary Kenny, during her early, wild phase, spent some time upstairs with a former Ugandan government minister.

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