Southern belle dating

When a person puts money above manners, they deserve and receive the worst of all possible insults. However, there is much more to a Southern belle than that.First of all, we do not just drink iced tea; we inhale it. I dont mean the simple rules like all iced tea should be sugar-shocked.I am talking about the rules any good Southern belle knows.For those of you hoping to pick up a few tips about how to be a Southern belle, remember this: a belle is born, not made.To be a southern belle is to live life with subtle nuances of tradition and good manners that never go out of style.But, more than just food and drink makes someone a Southern belle.

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A large part of a Southern belles life is spent doing good works (volunteerism to you non-Southerners).

I have it on good authority that there are 12 main silver patterns for a Southern belle.

I prefer the Strasbourg or Melrose patterns because my mother and her mother used them, respectively.

Believe me, many belles are not naturally charming. In fact, many belles have to go to school to learn about charm.

Young girls are put into dance classes and later attend cotillions.

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