Places to go dating toronto night

Toronto’s Sky Zone is the perfect spot for those looking to have some fun, as it features several courts dedicated to trampoline dodge ball, a recreational bouncing space and basketball court, and even a massive foam pit.Address: 45 Esandar Dr, Unit 1A What: Toronto’s newest escape room – 13 Sedah Ave – is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.Not only will you enjoy an incredible workout, you’ll also get to relive your youth as you swing from monkey bars, play in a massive ball pit and chase your date up the jungle gym.Address: 444 Dufferin Street they’ve experienced before.Take a DJ Class Have your date spin you right round, baby, right round like a record.Not only will you both pick up a new skill, you’re sure to have a rockin’ good time.

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Created by the folk at No Way Out, 13 Sedah Ave looks like it’s right out of a horror movie, complete with disheveled and deteriorating decor, bloody walls, and a very low escape success rate.Address: Various locations, all addresses can be found here What: Let out your inner Katniss and challenge your date to an epic game of archery tag.This is ideal for couples (or friends) who are looking to enjoy some friendly competition.Off Centre DJ runs a number of weekend camps and clinics for your inner turn-tabler. Afterwards, hit up the club’s dance floor to show off your moves.Cost: 5 Get Your Groove On Salsa dancing is probably the sexiest dance a couple could learn together. Sip in Secret There’s nothing sexier than feeling like you’re in on a big secret.

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