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But am soo afraid that she will think im crazy and want a divorce. I just formed a group on EP for men to post NON-SEXUAL pics of their beautiful wives or girlfriends. To those of you who are like myself and get extremely turned on while watching your wife having sex with other men. Can you give an example and maybe add a picture or two of the event that most turned you on? especially if you're imaginative, understand how to build tension, and would actually like to somehow find a way to do it for real... All I ask is that we chat about her as we go, and you tell me sexy things about her. The previous 4 episodes can be found in ‘I Cuckold Husband’.

I've had some really great chats online on this subject.... I am willing to share many different types of her pictures... So, for those of you just joining us, G my wife had just come upstairs to join me in bed...

:) I would spend hours and hours sorting through prospects and looking for the perfect man to share her... i am constantly asking her to tell me about her previous sexual experiences as it just turns me on the thought of her sexing other guys . The first happened on a campsite when the 17yrs old boy became suspicious of his father visiting our caravan and subsequently saw his father having sex with my wife. Love to chat about my wife and my efforts with trying to talk her into being shared. we r a cpl m 54 f 50 looking 2 find cpls that love 2 show their love on cam we have jmeeting,yahoo,paltalk & eyeball.

I so desire to watch my wife getting ****** by other men. I guess there is something exciting about having a hot wife. if anybody knows of any other programs that we can use , 2 c u, please let us know.

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