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Don’t get upset if they’re busy: it doesn’t mean they’re guilty.

Ensure that when you open your front-facing camera on Face Time you hold it above your chin so you don’t look too jowly. Mostly, the long-distance set-up is forced by a change in situation: one of you graduates and the other still has another year at university; one of you is offered a job in a new city; one of you goes travelling and the other starts a graduate job..

There’s a gap in the logic of breaking up with someone because you didn’t see them enough – you’re not going to see more of them now, are you?

” You have i Message, Skype, Whats App, Face Time and Snapchat.

If you cannot use the digital tools for digital filth then you’re really not trying hard enough.

Just because you’re far away, doesn’t mean you won’t have the sort of boring, quotidian arguments that you have when you’re in the same place.

The person who stays will feel resentful; the one for whom they stayed will know this, and will act out.

At some point, you’ll have an argument, that will end with someone spitting something about “holding me back”.

“The hardest part is a four and a half hour time difference.” He recommends as much contact as possible. “Long distance relationships are not hard,” points out Oli, who moved to London after graduating, and whose girlfriend Megan is still finishing her course in Cardiff.“Ironically, his girlfriend who was completely loco and used to threaten to break up with him if he was even tagged in a photo with a girl on Facebook, never realised what was really going.Instead she was wrongly paranoid about the girls in our house, who never did anything with him.Seriously, though, if that person is actually cuckolding you, they won’t be so obvious.That girl might have a crush on your boyfriend, but nothing has happened and it probably won’t if that’s her unsophisticated modus operandi. “One of my house mates used to be in a long distance relationship, but used to sleep with different girls all the time regardless,” explains Rob Firth.

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