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While Cece packs up her things, she begins to have second thoughts about marrying Schmidt.

Winston becomes tired of hearing Aly talk about her boyfriend, so he is given a new partner named Dunston (Sam Richardson), who has similar interests as him, but is way more incompetent.

Jess has a sex dream about Nick, which involved an old Chicago Bears helmet that Nick gave her when they dated.

This is especially stressful for Jess as she is about to meet Sam's parents.

Jess has a hard time relating to her new boyfriend Fred (Taran Killam), and would rather spend time with his fun loving parents Flip and Nancy (Henry Winkler and Julie Hagerty).

Nick and Schmidt are officially co-owners of the bar, and Schmidt's strict rules of the establishment puts pressure on Nick to be a tougher boss.

Nick is given the responsibility of picking up Cece's mother from the airport, but picks up the wrong woman.

After saving a boy's life from under the weight of a car, Winston becomes tired of being labeled as a hero instead of being known for his pranking side.

Jess and Sam are back together, which causes tension between him and Nick.

With Jess still in jury duty, Nick rents out the loft to pay for Schmidt's bachelor party that they plan on having in Tokyo.

Winston thinks that KC is cheating on him, so he asks Cece for advice to get even with her.

Aly's boyfriend Tripp (Kal Penn), an agent for animal actors, competes with Winston and his cat Furguson to get his own prized cat Patches a role in the next Avatar film.

Schmidt questions his manhood, after being too scared to protect Cece from a hostile driver during a traffic run-in.

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