Daytime dating jeremy soul pdf

I now use day game as primary means for me to meet girls.

It's an indispensable tool that will help you meet girls anywhere, creating opportunities that weren't available to you before.

There's nothing that will get you rejected immediately for saying something stupid.

There's nothing in it that's hard to do after a bit of practice.

Thanks to being proficient with day approaching, I'm no longer nervous about getting too old to visit bars or clubs.

You're not getting results on dating apps that seem to only reward the top 10% of good-looking men with hot girls while leaving the fatties for everyone else. You're frustrated enough that you're now motivated to learn an entirely new method to meeting girls: day game.It took two additional dates to complete the seduction in my studio apartment.I'm sure she thought it was all very natural, that God himself had placed me in front of her in a random way instead of it being a premeditated act resulting from an optimized game model.Believe me when I say I have absolutely no willingness to approach a girl and say, "Your style is so amazing" or "You look phenomenal and I just want to get to know you." If there's one thing I've learned from my readers, it's that they don't want a game so "out there" that they have to psych themselves up to use it.They want something simple but powerful for even when they're not feeling particularly social, because if you have to learn game like I have, chances are you are more introverted than average. You can imagine the huge smile on my face when again and again I watched men use my exact words to get numbers from attractive women, and it was no surprise that several of my students made love with girls from approaching during the workshop, when they were just practicing and trying my game for the first time.

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