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When Juney mentions that the calamities are caused by global warming, Will realizes his dream about Amy Winehouse could be related.Later, Will is chided by the others for not committing himself to his relationship with Amy. While the others comfort a distraught Calvin, the Enchanted Princess (Parker), a prostitute, climbs out of a manhole and gets hit by a taxi.The gang leaves the garage and Will gets a call from Amy, where he admits his feelings for her before the call is dropped. Calvin catches her, and they immediately fall in love with each other.The Princess' pimp, Prince Edwin (Tad Hilgenbrink), challenges Calvin to a dance fight for her love, but a tornado appears and Prince Edwin escapes.With time against them, the Princess Giselle kills Speed Racer (Jared S.Eddo), and the group hijacks his Mach Five to drive to the museum.A bulletin on the radio claims there is a meteor shower and it is the end of the world.Soon after, the city starts to freeze over, and Will, Juney, Calvin, and Calvin's girlfriend Lisa (Kim Kardashian) retreat to a garage for shelter.

On a million budget, it grossed ,190,901 domestically and ,492,474 overseas for a worldwide total of ,683,375, less than half the gross of Meet the Spartans.

Indy tries to put the Crystal Skull on the altar, but he has an accident.

Will does it instead, and he averts further destruction.

He then finds out that his girlfriend Amy (Vanessa Minnillo) is having an affair with Flavor Flav (Abe Spigner), and she breaks up with Will because he is not admitting his true feelings for her.

Later that day, Will has a "Super Duper Sweet Sixteen" party at his house, despite being 25. Phil (John Di Domenico), Will's best friend Calvin (Gary "G Thang" Johnson), and Anton Chigurh (Barinholtz), among others.

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