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While Google isn’t making all these changes to drive SEOs insane, it’s not at all uncommon for SEOs and marketers to only learn the details of an algorithm update once it has already rolled out, and is actively affecting their sites.

As Google pushes for a more unified, accessible, high-quality web, the changes it makes to things like mobile-friendly rules, search ranking practices, content ranking guidelines, and more can have a dramatic and distinct impact on SEOs.

Make sure that you follow the rules to make sure that you’re not wrongly indexed.

Just like a discerning individual in the dating scene who doesn’t date every potential candidate (especially the weirdos who crawl to greet you), Google does not index every page that it crawls.

After you “crawl” the options of the web, the next stage is to actually decide who matters.

While search engines and user preferences have dissuaded many of these practices, there’s still a massive difference between good and bad SEO, and knowing which is which can make all the difference in your online presence.

I’ve created a current, up-to-date guide on the major good and bad SEO tactics so you know what to do, and what to avoid, in your content creation — down to Google’s recent mobile penalty update.

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