Dating email text phone etiquette

And with acronyms or abbreviations that are unprofessional — like, "WTF," for example — a good rule of thumb is to only type what you would be comfortable saying out loud. When you're writing short and fast, you're not thinking about your tone and "your text may sound harsher than you intend," Pachter says.Ultimately, the safest route is to type out the entire word or phrase. Try to write in complete sentences to prevent sounding abrupt, and always read your message out loud to make sure it doesn't sound too harsh. "Don't give negative feedback or quit your job in a text," Pachter writes. Even if you are leaving a company, you don't want to burn your bridges — you may need a reference in the future." The bottom line is that texting is too casual a medium to give bad news. "The potential attendees may not check their phones in time," she writes.And with a limited amount of characters to get your point across, it's natural for periods, commas and question marks to disappear. But if too busy to pick up the phone, maybe you shouldn't text.Still, texts should include appropriate punctuation, spelling and grammar to make reading easier on the recipient, says Masini. Not at all, says Masini, who explains that shorthand language is fine for texts with one caveat: You shouldn't assume that someone you're texting for the first time is aware of even the common abbreviations, cautions Kassabov. Although text messages can feature photos, videos and audio, Smith recommends against texting more than one attachment or link. For instance, Masini urges you to avoid sending messages while you're in a meeting, whether it's formal or informal. Other times you shouldn't text: when your judgment's impaired (after a few drinks or when you're sleep-deprived), while driving (it can be deadly) and when your battery's running low (you may not be able to answer a recipient's questions).The text fitting in one message on your phone doesn't necessarily translate to a single, neat note for a friend who uses a different carrier.Lengthy texts sent from a Verizon phone to a Sprint one, for example, can get divided and sent as back-to-back messages. Most phones have a small character counter in the same box in which you're texting that says something like 160/1.Chelsea didn’t hear from Richard until late that night when he finally sent an unemotional, “.” Seriously, if you must cancel a date, provide the person with the civility of a phone call and proper explanation – even if your explanation is a white lie to spare their feelings.

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It often provides the first direct contact with the other person outside of texting or emailing, meaning that it plays a huge role in establishing first impressions.

'Or if you’re on paternity leave, perhaps make note that you’ve been left holding the baby.

As long as you remember to include an alternative contact and the date you’ll be back in the office, your clients and colleagues will appreciate that everyone is entitled to time off.'Despite the obvious need to keep clients and co-workers informed and happy, a majority of companies have no policy on Out of Office emails, with 52 per cent of business workers left to their own devices and 18 per cent never bothering to use the option at all.

That means if your text goes over 160 characters it may carry over into a second text message, depending on the recipient's phone service provider.

If you see your story turning into a multi-text saga, email or call instead. Even though everyone seems to be glued to their cell phones these days, you can't assume the people you text receive your messages right after you send them.

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