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The tribe's exact endonym remains unknown, but the name Belgae is usually traced to the proposed Proto-Celtic root *belg- from the Proto-Indo-European *bhelgh-, both meaning "to bulge" or "to swell" (particularly with anger) and cognate with the Old English belgan, "to be angry"."[Land beside] the Bight of Benin", the stretch of the Gulf of Guinea west of the Niger delta, a purposefully neutral name chosen to replace Dahomey (see below) in 1975.

The Bight itself is named after a city and a kingdom in present-day Nigeria having no relation to the modern Benin.

Variations of this were known and used as early as 1730.

A popular folk etymology relates Bahrain to the "two seas" mentioned five times in the Quran.

The English name comes from a Portuguese transcription (Benin) of a local corruption (Bini) of the Itsekiri form (Ubinu) of the Yoruba Ile-Ibinu ("Home of Vexation"), a name bestowed on the Edo capital by the irate Ife oba Oranyan in the 12th century.

In Fon, the name "Dã" or "Dan" can also mean "snake" or the snake-god Damballa.

Folk etymology traces the name to the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, but the Oxford English Dictionary records the first occurrence as "Oss" in 1908.

from Medieval Latin Marchia Orientalis, an eastern prefecture for the Duchy of Bavaria established in 976.

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