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has cemented its position as one of the most successful shows in television history.It’s the seminal rags-to-riches story, making overnight stars out of its musical hopefuls whose fates are determined by a voting public.When combined with lackluster ratings, Season 9 has had critics ringing the death knell for I'm pretty much just gonna agree with James: My personal list goes as such: Season 2Season 3Season 10 (as of right now) (extra props for James' elimination)Season 1Season 4Season 7Season 6Season 8Season 5Season 9 I like Melinda, Carrie Underwood... their performances not consistent from time to time. FIrst, I thought Scotty would be the winner, but now it seems James is better than him. they had carrie, bo bice, melinda, and what season had catherine mcphee? His unusual song arrangements, amazing vocals, theatrical performances and rock legend-like stage presence left all the other contestants in his shadow, including winner Kris what’s-his name.This season also saw the addition of Kara Dia Guardi at the judging panel and the new Judge’s Save feature that rescues a voted-off contestant from the jaws of elimination.

It did, however, produce 15 minutes of nonsensical fame for Sanjaya Malakar, whose unusual hairstyles performed far better than he ever did on stage.

Season 6 also produced the charitable episode “Idol Gives Back,” which raises money for the impoverished and has since become a star-studded event that showcases established musical performers in addition to the ’s nine seasons, winner Fantasia Barrino had almost as many detractors as she did fans, winning over first runner-up Diana De Garmo by a margin of 2%.

Season 3 also produced future Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, whose early elimination proved that Season Highlight: Auditioner William Hung’s off-key rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs,” which was ridiculous enough to land him a record deal and cult following, no doubt inspiring countless others to let their freak flags fly high during future auditions.

But, like any long-running series, had all that fumbling, bubbly and charming innocence of new love, where we knew we had stumbled upon something great even though we didn’t yet know how it would play out.

Even though the viewership was (relatively) low, the contestants performed on a smaller stage and two hosts (remember Brian Dunkleman?

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