Consolidating spare part warehouses

Fapco is a world leader in developing innovative packaging solutions for integrated spare parts management that allow us to serve every one of our customers better – so they can focus on taking care of their customers.

We deliver creative contract packaging solutions to manage the flow of spare parts, cut contract packing costs and drive unsurpassed packaging material performance.

In the case of Daimler AG, customers can order parts by using a part number, and those parts are available at a short notice all over the world.

The improvement in lead times is also made possible by the reduction in production interruption caused by assembling multiple parts.

In order to deliver after-sales repairs and service, replacement parts were either sent directly to the customer site or collected by technicians from regional warehouses. It was difficult for technicians to retrieve the parts at the customer site – leading to significant delays – and if collecting from the warehouse, the workers would spend excessive time on the road.One benefit that 3D printing offers is the ability to manufacture parts on make-to-order basis, and companies in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense and oil and gas are beginning to see its value in their supply chains.They will be able to eliminate the challenges that the volatile demand of spare parts bring to the business, which often lead to excess inventory or stocks becoming obsolete.By shipping parts to UPS Access Point locations near the field engineers' homes or service routes, pickup and retrieval times were significantly reduced.Additionally, UPS offered different shipping speeds, including an overnight service with guaranteed early morning delivery.

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