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She goes on to say: But I don’t know how to explain [how this is objectifying] to him well so that he understands. Maybe it’s okay for him to admire/be attracted to a particular body part. This is a sticky subject to broach with men, especially those who feel that they actively advocate for gender equality and aid us in dismantling the patriarchy. Most men want to be supportive and appreciative of women, not to deny us respect and equal rights.

But we all operate under a patriarchal system in which we’re taught to believe that the female body exists solely for a man’s sexual pleasure and entertainment.

It seems like normal behavior for men to “appreciate” “women’s bodies,” but not for its functional purposes.

Consequently, women are given very conflicting messages about their parts.

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While her husband is an advocate for gender equality, she feels the things he says about breasts are objectifying and sexist.When it comes to being an ally, respect is just as important as recognizing all the terrible ways people are marginalized in society.And part of respect in a relationship is acknowledging your partner’s feelings, earnestly engaging with their ideas, and creating a culture where everyone involved feels secure in speaking up for themselves. ”) This was awkward at first, but I’ve grown to appreciate my friend’s willingness to respect other people’s boundaries and make an effort to give others full autonomy over messages received about their appearance.Reducing people to their anatomy creates this space that some if not most of us exist outside of because we don’t fit into the male gaze’s narrow categories of what it means to be attractive or a woman.This dynamic further marginalizes an already marginalized group of people, which is not something I’d imagine a self-identified advocate for gender equality would want to do.

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