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It didn’t feel like a sermon or lecture but real life lessons we should all hear! This session will show you what approaching your marriage as a covenant means.

God loves covenant marriages because it takes commitment seriously and has a long-term view on the relationship. We are all fallen and broken, which is why we need a Savior. God wants us to have our spouse's back at all times and feel close and safe with them.

Most married couples, at one time or another, have disagreed about money issues, and these differing views create stress. How are we to live out our marriage vows in the midst of flawed communication efforts?

This study attempts to answer questions such as: What lies behind our disagreements about money? What does it really mean to understand our partner's intent and seek understanding? Communication in Marriage Communication problems are as old as Adam and Eve.

However, most couples have sexual problems for a variety of reasons and aren't tasting what God had in mind.

This session will show you specific steps to get there. Part of loving and honoring our spouse is making sure they have a voice and equal power in the relationship.

Whether we acknowledge the truth openly or just worry about it secretly, we all know that our actual marriages do not measure up to this ideal.5-Download the workbook for each member of the class or study. For questions or concerns please see our contact information below.The mystery of the human person, as created by God, is manifested in a particularly powerful way through the covenant of holy matrimony.“The topics discussed include all that are tearing marriages apart and I feel this couples Bible study can help any marriage, new or seasoned.I love Wyatt’s energy, stories, personal testimony, the videos, and his humor.

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